What types of service learning internships are available to Young Leaders?

Internship projects vary by country. Past interns have had a diverse range of assignments working in the areas of health, education, Dalit right campaigns, community development with a hip-hop based non-profit, etc. One World 2019 participants will work on Women's Empowerment, Public Health, Community Development, Education, Youth Development, Information Technology, and Fintech - Mobile Money, among other areas.  One World places volunteers in available internships based on the skills and interests of volunteers and the needs of partnering organizations.

Are scholarships and/or financial aid available?

While financial assistance is not provided, One World works with participants to develop a fund raising plan if necessary. It has been our experience that once selected for the program, resources can be identified to meet the program fee. Many Young Leaders receive financial support from their respective colleges, universities and community groups. Past Young Leaders received college credit for their participation in the program. If you are currently enrolled in school, it would be good to check with your advisor, career services office, international services office or other administrators for more information about being funded for the program and obtaining credit for participation.

What about language issues? Will I have a problem communicating?

One World seeks to place volunteers with organizations that have some English speakers. That said, even in English speaking countries, English is often not the first language of country counterparts. One World promotes cross-cultural communication. As such, participants will need to step out of comfortable boundaries to communicate effectively. Cross-cultural communication requires patience and a willingness to share. The rewards for this patience are coming away from the program with a richer worldview, understanding of the communities, and life-long friendships.

Can I get academic credit for participating in a delegation?

While One World Exchange does not directly award academic credit to participants, several past participants have been able to successfully obtain academic credit from their college or university. We are willing to work with any student or institution to help obtain academic credit for participation in the program.

Please be aware that requirements for obtaining academic credit vary widely from school-to-school and even amongst different departments or professors in the same school. If interested in obtaining academic credit, please inquire about the requirements as early as possible.

What about safety and security?

One World takes safety and security very seriously. Safety and security is important consideration no matter where one travels in the world. The vigilance and situational awareness of Young Leaders is critical to ensuring safety and security. One World takes the following safety measures:

  • One World will purchase travel insurance for all participants which covers emergencies
  • We provide a pre-departure packet that includes security information, and we regularly monitor our country’s security developments
  • We consult with our host-country counterparts before and during service projects to gauge the security situation
  • We require that participants register with the US Embassy upon arrival in country.
  • We take care to choose a delegation of individuals that we believe will collaborate well together. A supportive collaborative group environment provides important support towards ensuring safety and security
  • We choose mature and responsible group leaders to guide the group